Morning Detox Drink Recipes – Honey Lime 7

UPC’s Morning Detox Drink Recipes – Honey Lime Detox Drink Recipe Detox drinks and juicing are all the rage these days, with special ones being made of various fruit juices, juiced vegetables, and teas (including one I saw online that was both tea and a juiced vegetable). Honestly, I don’t get it. […]

Ginger Lime Beef with Mashed Rutabaga and Avocado

What’s For Dinner? – Ginger Lime Steak And Mashed Rutabaga

A short trip to Cancun to remind me that there is other cuisine out there! Some of the things that the “traditional” food served to us used I didn’t like at all – there was an overabundance of corn! Every meal was served with corn chips or corn tortillas. I […]