Avocado Cranberry Sauce 7

UPC’s Avocado Cranberry Sauce Oh! It feels good to have my suit back on today! I’ve been flip-flopping back and forth recently, between wearing a suit to work and just going with slacks and a collared shirt. I much prefer to wear a suit, but my current project is with […]

What’s For Lunch? Smokey Salad

Happy holiday weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday. My wife and I took a trip out to the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania to visit with some family and friends. We relaxed, kayaked, and ate some really amazing meals! One of which was a grilled slab-bacon. I’ve done fried bacon, I’ve […]

What’s For Breakfast? – Salad with Bone Broth Dressing 4

I’m worried that the heat outside is getting high enough that I’ll have to stop running to work in the mornings. I can handle getting a little bit sweaty – a little bit. But if I’m still wiping sweat off my brow by the time I walk on to my […]

What’s For Breakfast? Another Spring Salad

Spring is in the air! I have been giving the “I’m watching you” eyes to my linen suits in my closet. I know the rules: linen suits are relegated to the closet except between Memorial Day and Labor Day; official summer months only. Despite that, there have been a few […]

What’s For Breakfast? – Elements Of Spring Salad

I’ve started to jog to work in just my suit – no overcoat. It’s a great feeling, letting the crisp spring air blow through my hair, smiling at the people who think I’m weird for running in a suit… But the best part of spring is the flowers! The cherry […]

What’s For Breakfast? – Sweet Salad

I have a sweet tooth. Big time. Giving up my sweets was one of the biggest and most difficult hurdles for me when I went Paleo. I haven’t looked back, even for an instant, and the health benefits of cutting the sugars out of my diet have been undeniably amazing, […]

What’s For Breakfast? – Breakfast Basil Salad

I love my Hot & Cold Salads. I’m bordering on being obsessed with them. Fortunately for me, it’s mostly socially acceptable to obsess over salads. While that may be a bit weird for a breakfast food (trust me, no one calls me “normal”), I won’t be reported to a psychologist […]